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MK +

MK + has been developed for all children ages 6 – 9 years of age. Once a Mini Kicker hits their 6th birthday they are eligible for MK +!

MK + is aimed at progressing the principles already used at Mini Kicks in line with the latest FA model for coaching.

Our focus is on developing the child according to the four corner model. With Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social elements all considered within our curriculum.

Of course, competition is important. So we have designated ‘match days’ where we will have inter-squad games, or invite local, or professional teams for a friendly.


Is MK + the right programme for my child?

With over 200 children currently enrolled in MK +, we will have the group for your child. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for all abilities, from children who have never played football before, to children that we have moved along to professional clubs. What we guarantee is your child will be assessed and put in a group that will aid their development!


The Goal of MK +

MK + is aimed at making our children active for life. It introduces competition in a controlled manner and with that comes the great feeling of being part of a team!

MK +, is a programme that will develop any child that joins the programme and when your child leaves MK + they will be in good shape!

  • With our close links with professional clubs, any child that is ready will be signposted to their academies.
  • If you would like to continue to play locally we have numerous links to local Sunday league teams.
  • If football was not your child’s thing, hopefully, their enjoyment of the programme will mean they remain physically active in another sport or activity for life!