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Mini Kicks

Mini Kicks is both healthy and fun! Child obesity is steadily on the rise with children as young as two years old being affected. The Mini Kicks Academy uses football, the World’s most popular sport, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices at a key development age. Mini Kicks helps children develop self confidence as well as motor, listening, socialisation, and life skills within the framework of football. Studies show that children who play sports tend to have higher self esteem and body image then those who do not. Football, in this unique curriculum, is simple and effective for all levels to learn and enjoy.

Is Mini Kicks for my child?

We are really proud that Mini Kicks is a hit with both boys and girls. Mini Kicks is not all about football! Yes, each child will get their own ball for the whole session and we will develop their skills, but we will do so in a creative, unique way that has the main purpose of making our sessions fun! You will not find a long line, or a ball dropped in the middle of 10 children to play a ‘match’ anywhere at Mini Kicks!

The goal of Mini Kicks

Our passion at Mini Kicks is football. We use football, the world’s greatest game as a medium to hit really important developmental goals for our children.

Each child will have their own ball which means that your child can develop at their own pace while being part of the team at Mini Kicks.

How do we keep their attention?

We have a few tricks up our sleeve, but there is no secret to our formula.

  • High energy, fast paced sessions.
  • Carefully designed curriculum to promote skill development in a FUN way.
  • Highly qualified, enthusiastic coaches.