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Liam King

I am a proud Franchisee & this is my Mini Kicks
I currently play football for North Ferriby United. I live at home with my wife to be and I own the Mini Kicks Franchises in Rotherham & Mansfield.I’ve always liked football myself and wanted to give something back to the kids and still stay in the game.


As I didn’t have a background in business I was worried about all the paperwork and the day-to-day aspects of running a business which I’d been warned about. With Mini Kicks, there’s none of that. They take care of the business side you can focus on doing what you’re best at and making your business a success. All the kids are booked onto my class for me. All the payments are processed for me. I just keep giving the office new classes to put on because it just keeps growing and growing.

Filling Classes

I’d seen other people try and set up there own coaching business and know that they struggled filling their classes. I was up to 450 kids a week after year one which is amazing. And it just keep growing. And this is down to the Mini Kicks Marketing Machine that Ben & his team have built. If I was starting out on my own, I’d have no chance of creating something like that. It’s awesome. 


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“I was up to 450 kids a week after year one which is amazing.”


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