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What a journey……. so far!!

Hi everyone!

I’m Ben, I started Mini Kicks 7 years ago now (getting old, fast!) and I couldn’t possibly have imagined what a journey it has been.

With life in general its easy to just get swept away with everything. I was recently told by my Grandad Arthur, to “remember to stop and smell the roses” so this is me doing that.

From starting our first academy in Rossington, Doncaster with 5 children in 2011, to now being part of the Mini Kicks family which sees over 10,000 children a week at our academies it really has been a great journey. Massive ups and of course the odd few downs, but generally a journey that we all are super proud of.

Its about impacting the children in way more than their football skills and the feedback we receive about the different impacts our coaches have had on children through the years have been humbling to say the least – and thats why we continue to strive to be the absolute best version of ourselves.

What prompted this little article was that I was in Norfolk for the first time in my life this weekend and it wasn’t a holiday – I was assisting our newest franchise area!

It’s amazing that Team Orange is now spreading across the country so quickly and the momentum has been down to our fantastic coaches in all areas, our super office team and of course all of our Mini Kicks families who come week in week out and really buy into what we are trying to achieve for all children enrolled at Mini Kicks.

I don’t get to coach as much as I used to now, as I am busy writing blogs like this 😉 But I dusted off the old coaching gear and loved coaching down in Norwich.

Pictured is me assisting the Norwich coaching team at the Norwich Discovery Day on Saturday which saw over 60 children attend –  a few already in the Mini Kicks Orange and Black!

Have a great week everyone and of course I welcome your comments!





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