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Mini Kicks Offers Your Children the Very Best Opportunity to Grow Their Football Talent

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Mini Kicks Offers Your Children the Very Best Opportunity to Grow Their Football Talent



As parents, we are endowed with the power to read and understand our children right from birth. In fact, every parent will always wish well for their kids and ensure that they have whatever they need to make them happy at their disposal. MiniKicks thought so and came up with a very sound idea of establishing a football academy that would see them through their career dreams.

As one of the best football facilities across the globe, you can bet that what we offer is exclusive for your children. We have put in place the best learning timetable that allows your kid to not only train but have fun as well. Football lessons for juniors at MiniKicks are well executed and will always leave a lasting impact on your toddler. The fact that we have been in service for years gives us an upper hand over our competitors. We have been dealing with kids of all sets and this has greatly helped us develop our professionalism.

You may be seated with your coach trying to ponder the next step now that you feel your toddlers have shown that indeed they could be great footballers. You see them kick the toy ball you bought them and you are like…mmm! MiniKicks is your best friend when it comes to offering effective football lessons for juniors. Our lessons have been designed in such a way that even your two-year kid is included. You do not have to worry about their condition – our highly qualified team is set to handle any kind of situation regarding youth training.

Well, we do understand the disconnect that is always there regarding what we take as ideal training for kids and what coaches or parents wish for them particularly when it comes to agility and speed training sessions. As a company, we do understand that through our lessons and high-level experience, we can work out a healthy development plan and execute it with kids of different abilities and sports welfare.


Why do most parents and coaches tend to fail in their bid to nurture their kids’ football talent? Well, more often than not, parents and coaches have been led to falling for the “results now” belief thereby taking in a lot of wrong information regarding the industry. The good thing about MiniKicks is that we have the best staff drawn from highly trained physicians, footballers, and paediatricians as well as dieticians. They will do everything at their disposal to ensure your kids enjoy their football lessons for juniors.

We know how hard it would be working with a whole youth team of footballers aboard parents and trainers whose philosophy does go along with our standards. It is for this reason that we have come up with a very comprehensive program to enable every parent to understand what we are capable of accomplishing in our football training facility. We focus on meeting every kid’s football needs and that is why each of our football lessons for juniors is well-crafted to go in line with each given condition. Before we settle down to business, we allow you as a parent to ask any question based on your child’s special needs. There is nothing good like having confidence in the coaching staff; however, this can only be achieved through team-work. As a parent, you must play a very crucial part to ensure that your children are relaxed and happy. By simply playing your part and practising a little sense of patience, the results are bound to be extremely beneficial to both your entire family and the kids involved.


As a matter of fact, we know some parents would want to inquire about our feeding programs. Yes, you are right! Diet in any given training program is very important and considering our high-level experience in the field, you can never doubt our dieticians. We meet kids with different special diet needs but that has never bothered us as we have the best team that will handle your child’s feeding program perfectly. The moment you check in with your kid/s, we take time to understand their special needs and since diet comes first on our football lessons for juniors program, you can sit back and watch your children improve their strength and body physique. Football is not only about kicking the ball high but also strength building. You eat well and train hard to achieve both. At 5 you will be smiling when you see your boy or girl move with confident among other players. At this age, your child is ready to go it alone though we do not recommend total withdrawal as this could still impact negatively on their confidence; hence, performance.

The children start gaining confidence at the age of 5 and by the time they hit 11, you can be sure that your kid is ready to move into those great professional league clubs around the world. You have hard players who started playing at the age of 15 and did well. Our focus is to ensure that we give you value for your money and therefore keeping with us means nothing but success. By looking around, you will attest to the idea that indeed our football lessons for juniors are unique – just the best for you and your kids!



There are so many players you watch on TV and read about out there who passed through our training facility. With our pre-written children football training plan for all ages between 2 and 11, our coaches have a duty to implement every bit of it. Why would you want to kill your kid’s dream career when we have the best equipment purposefully acquired to keep the fire burning? MiniKicks is revered for its well-established training facility and we are on record for offering the most affordable packages. You do not have to bother very much as to where you can purchase some of this equipment if the need arises. Our online store understands all these and you will be treated to the very first-class kits among other related items.


The fact that we are a world class football training facility for kids, discrimination has never crossed our minds. We know every child is entitled to their rights and we will do everything to ensure they achieve their objective. Are you a parent stranded out there trying to figure out which academy offers the best football lessons for juniors? Try MiniKicks and you will never have regrets. We care about both your kid’s future and family and by giving us the opportunity to walk along with you, you will be moving in the positive direction. We are always happy when we see our clients happy and achieving all these is our main focus.


Kids football sessions
Kids football sessions

You may want to compare notes before making a choice – feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We know scammers do exist and that is why we give you access to our contacts in case you are in doubt. The moment you visit our site, you will always be attended to by someone quite willing to listen and give suggestions. Our team of youth football professionals is the most approachable you can ever want to meet. If indeed you care about your children’s football dreams, then why hesitate? Let them meet and make new friends who will inspire them to success with very minimal efforts from your side. Give your kid’s their last opportunity to derive the most out our well-crafted football lessons for juniors now!

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