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Mini Kicks Interview with Blogger and Author Matt Coyne.


As you all know Mini Kicks grownups, it is a constant challenge to keep one step ahead of our little ones! So who better to have on our side, as a Mini Kicks fan, than Matt Coyne, the celebrated blogger and author of Man Versus Baby!?

Matt’s son Charlie, is already part of our Mini Kicks family currently attending Baby Kicks at one of our Barnsley academies. We are super grateful that Matt is getting behind Mini Kicks and our mission, to get the little ones healthy and active across the country!
We caught up with Matt over a coffee (of course decaf, skinny) to get a glimpse into his amazing rise as an author in all things parenting!

So how did it all happen, from a graphic designer to a successful author? Matt explained that after having Charlie, he wrote a parenting Facebook post and posted it to his Facebook page. It was instantly loved by all of his friends and family and even went global with people sharing and liking his hilarious post, explaining how his son had finally gone to sleep. Matt’s honesty and sarcasm about a new born baby resonated with parents across the world.

Have you always been naturally funny?
If you are honest and don’t sugar coat it, I think people respond to that. In terms of being funny, I obviously think I’m funny… Mrs doesn’t think I’m funny at all!

You also write a blog, in one of the blog posts you talk about the sleep deprivation when you have a baby. Does it get any easier? How long does Charlie sleep now?
He sleeps like me! He can easily pack in a good 12 hours now. He still has the ability to surprise us with a 4 o ‘clock wake up though!

When I got in touch with you, you said Charlie is loving his Mini Kicks experience. Why did you choose Mini Kicks?
Yeah, he absolutely loves it. He likes being active. He has got way too much energy! He’s in that age range where they are basically fuelled by that high-octane fuel which sends them nuts. I don’t know how long that lasts……probably until he’s 18! By the time he’s finished at Mini Kicks, he’s tired which is great, you get almost a normal day then. Charlie loves everything about it. I like the idea of him playing with other kids pretty much the same age group. That’s what excites him. Being around other kids, he’s very social.

Who is Charlie’s favourite coach?
Coach Nathan. I wish he would come and live at our house! Charlie never listens to a word I say, he can be smashing a banana into the settee and not listen to my instructions. But coach Nathan will just say ‘Tidy up time!’ and Charlie will rush around trying to find something to put in the bag for him!
When Coach Nathan shouts to the group, ‘Come to me!’ Charlie tries to get as close as he possibly can to Coach Nathan, so much so he is nearly sitting on his knee! He loves Coach Nathan.

Out of all the activities you could have chosen for Charlie to do, why did you choose a football based activity?
I’m a fan of football. Charlie has already got his first Wednesday kit. I knew for a fact I would be having to watch Charlie do an activity at the weekend so I might as well be watching a sport that I love! Fundamentally, he really enjoys it and anything that he really enjoys is all that matters to us.

Please give Matt a follow, you won’t regret it!
Twitter: @mattcoyney
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