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Innovative 18 month programme is here!

You can now join the family from: 18 months old!!!!!

Mini Kicks are extremely excited to announce we are now starting from 18 months old! We have come together to develop a new and exciting program for children who are 18 months-2years of age.

Our new and innovative sessions have been designed and developed by lead educational practitioners and highly qualified Foundation stage teachers. They have created a program that will support the needs of such a young age group but also engage and develop children’s skills in all areas of learning but also making sure everyone is having lots of fun in the process!

Why have we decided to lower our start age from 2 years, to 18 months?

After initial discussions with experts in the field, we felt that if we created the right program and fun and engaging sessions that we could enable our Academies to aid in achieving the developmental milestones that are associated with that age group. As a bonus – if you’re little one loves being active and burning off lots of energy then this is the programme for them!

These sessions will include basic football skills, spacial awareness, nursery rhymes, exploratory play, sensory games and much more. We are so excited to be sharing this exciting news with all of #TeamOrange.

Our Team over in Lincoln are already working away on their 18 months sessions with some amazing feedback! The aim is to roll this out across all Mini Kicks areas in 2019, but our next area to roll out will be Doncaster.

Details of our free taster launch

Date: 12th January

Time: 9:00am

Venue: XP School Doncaster – Keepmoat Stadium

Age group: 18months-2 years

To book on please direct message your child’s name and dob. Spaces are limited to 12 places. First come first served basis.


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