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MK Behind the Scenes : Episode 1 : Team Lincoln

Hi everyone, it’s Katie! I am super excited to be working with Mini Kicks 🙂 Being married to Coach Ben, I am so proud to have seen Mini Kicks grow from our first group of 6 children in Doncaster, to seeing us impact thousands of children weekly! So for my first article I wanted to celebrate one of our amazing Mini Kicks families and share their story with you on how TEAM ORANGE is spreading throughout the UK.

I hope you like it 🙂


Daniel and Stacey Hone.

Husband and Wife, Stacey and Daniel Hone are the proud owners of our Lincoln, Newark and East Lindsey
Franchises. They sat down to talk to us about their journey with Mini Kicks and what it’s really like
being a part of the Mini Kicks family.

Daniel and Stacey had both got different careers before embarking on their Mini Kicks Franchise
journey together. Daniel had been a professional footballer for teams such as Lincoln City and North
Ferriby United. Stacey had an extensive back ground in childcare and had worked in children’s
centres, nurseries and Primary Schools. This exciting blend of experience with football and children
enabled them to build their first successful franchise in Lincoln. So why did they leave their
established careers to become part of the Mini Kicks family?

Dan explains ‘I felt coaching was giving something back. I was giving something back. Being a
professional footballer was very pressured. There is no pressure from the children. It’s all I want to
do. I don’t even call it a job. It’s my passion. Working with children and coaching football.

Daniel and Stacey have a 1 year old daughter called Evelynn. When asked about how they have
created a work life balance Dan replied ‘Before Mini Kicks I was getting to see Evelynn about 9 hours
a week. Since taking on Mini Kicks we have so much more time together and I can be home for tea,
every night. It’s changed everything.

We always talk about how Mini Kicks is a family. Daniel and Stacey explained how family values are
how they run their Mini Kicks Franchises.

Stacey said ‘Dan will know every single child. It really is welcome to the family when you come to one of our sessions! We all care so much.’

When asked, what inspired them to invest in a Mini Kicks Franchise, Dan explained ‘Initially it was for
the extra income. Then it replaced everything. It gave me a life after football. I am so glad I did it. It
really has been life changing.’

Dan and Stacey started with one franchise in Lincoln and are now proud owners of 2 new franchises, Newark and East Lindsey.

Daniel and Stacey’s advice to a potential franchisee is ‘Do it, you are changing children’s lives on a
daily basis. It’s a ready-made business, designed to win.’

When asked do they live by any quotes or any ways of thinking, Dan explained they live a very
positive lifestyle. As a family, they work together and think positively and that shows in their
coaching and sessions. They care a lot about the children and families they work with. Dan said his
favourite quote is ‘I can, I will, watch me.’  They believe this mindset has helped them in all aspects of their life.

I asked Stacey what is the best bit about owning your own franchise and how have you both made it
so successful? Stacey explained ‘We love what we do, it gives us the freedom of being creative and
having a family lifestyle.’

Dan said that the concept of the Mini Kicks family is ‘very supportive. It really is one big family. We
all care about each other. The office staff are also so supportive and within the other franchisees
there is a sense of healthy competition. We drive each other.’

When asked the controversial question of who was the best coach out of coach Dan or coach Stacey
both agreed coach Dan. Stacey smiled when asked and said ‘Coach Dan! Dan always spots that one
child that needs that extra support. He really is the best coach.’

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know one of our many Mini Kicks family franchises. We wish
Dan and Stacey all the best in their Mini Kicks adventures. Thank you for being a part of the family.

Stacey and Dan have organised their first Charity fundraising day for the 9th of June. There will be lots of exciting events happening there such as Coaches V Parents Charity match, a bouncy castle, soft play and much more! For details head to

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