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1 year old this weekend… Get to know the story of MK Bassetlaw!

Hi everyone, its Katie here.😊

We have a really interesting interview with Coach Tom below, but first of all on behalf of the whole Mini Kicks community: Congratulations to Coach Tom and his Mini Kicks Bassetlaw team on achieving so much in so little time in Bassetlaw and doing such an outstanding job developing the business to serve even more children in the future!

We thought we would celebrate by trying to get to know the man behind it all… Tom Butterworth AKA Coach Tom!


Q: Could you tell me a little about your background, what did you do before Mini Kicks?

Before starting at Mini Kicks I worked for Doncaster Rovers. I joined them straight from finishing school as an apprentice coach working in schools and on community sessions. I spent 5 years there working with and learning from lots of different coaches, before moving into a slightly different role working with facilities. I was then asked by Ben if I would like to join the Mini Kicks team in Doncaster, he told me about what Mini Kicks was all about and from there it was an easy decision to make!
Q: What is your family life like, do you have any children?
Theres no children just yet, although I am godfather to two 18 month old twins who I get to spoil and play with!
Q: What inspired you to invest in a Mini Kicks Franchise? How did you forsee it impacting your life? Are you happy doing what you do?
I had spent some time working for Mini Kicks in Doncaster as a coach, through this time I got to learn lots about Mini Kicks and very importantly about how the franchise system works. I got to see other franchise owners doing amazing, this is what made my mind up that I wanted a piece of the cake! I spoke to lots of the other owners before starting and they really helped with lots of questions I had.
Q: Where is your franchise/s based? What is the reason to chose those areas?
My first franchise is Bassetlaw, I chose this area back when I was working for Mini Kicks Doncaster and was looking after the facebook account. We were always getting messages through asking about Mini Kicks and if there were any classes in the area. I was lucky too that our amazing office manager Carol lives in Worksop and told me just how much everyone loved football and loved to follow clubs such as Worksop Town and Retford United.
I started my second franchise 3 months ago in Gainsborough. Again, we were getting lost of people asking when we were going to bring Mini Kicks too the town, so it was an easy decision to make when choosing my second area. I think (Know!) Mini Kicks is going to be massive in Gainsborough, we have only been going a few months and are already seeing lots taking part. Its a huge football town with lots of Gainsborough Trinity fans showing off their kits at or classes, it really is great to see!
Q: If you had one piece of advice to give to a potential new franchisee what would it be?
My advice to someone thinking of taking a Mini Kicks franchise would be to do it for the right reasons! Mini Kicks is amazing because its an experience. From the moment a grown up clicks onto our website, to their little one arriving for their first session… its not just football, its something that children talk about all week and cant wait to come to their next class!
Do you live by any quotes or any ways of thinking?
Okay… so I’m sure this will get a smile from Coach Ben (The Big Boss!). Having never finishing a book in my life Ben told me to read one about a year ago called ‘Start with why’. As I’m sure you can guess, I read the front cover, flicked through to see if there were any pictures (there weren’t!) and then put the book away. I came across the book again about 3 months back and actually finished it…. It was amazing! I love the idea that in everything we do we always have to start with why we are doing it. If we plan our Mini Kicks classes with why we coach in mind it really does make them incredible. If we reply to messages knowing that there is an excited little one with their grown up at the other side it really makes it worth all the hard work into making Mini Kicks what it is.
Q: What is the best bit about owning your own franchise and how have you made it so successful?
The best bit about owning a Mini Kicks franchise is definitely getting to impact on so many little superstars lives. I love how we get whole families come to sessions and it turns into a morning out. I love seeing how far our little ones have come from their first session, maybe its a big improvement in their confidence, maybe its their football skills!
I think what has made Mini Kicks so successful in Bassetlaw and Gainsborough so successful is the team of coaches I have. Coach Georgia has pretty much been with me since the start a year ago and has been a big part of everything we do. She looks after our Baby Kicks classes where the children come at 2 years old. All the children love her and all her classes… its clear to see how much she really cares about the children she is working with when she coaches. Along with Georiga I also have Hayden, Gabby, and Joel in Gainsborough. They are doing an amazing job introducing Mini Kicks to everyone and we are getting some awesome feedback.
Q: Was does the concept of Mini Kicks family mean to you?
The Mini Kicks family is great! Everyone is so supportive of each other, thats not just the staff and franchise owners either. All our amazing parents and Mini Kickers give every class the atmosphere that really makes it easy to come to work every day!
Q: Whats your best joke?
A ham sandwich walks into a pub… The landlord says “sorry mate, we don’t serve food in here!”

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