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Mini Kicks Birthday Party

If your child has a birthday coming up and you want to throw them an awesome football birthday party that their friends will love while you sit back and relax, then check out our Mini Kicks Birthday Parties. 

Football Birthday Party Packages

Choose the package that suits you best!

15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
60 minutes of fun packed football action
Team Photo
Certificate for all children
PDF Invitation template
15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
60 minutes of fun packed football action
Awards Presentation
Team Photo
Trophy for birthday child
Certificates for all children
PDF Invitation template
Party Bags
Surprise Gift for Birthday Child
Champions League
15 Children + £3 per Child Extra
90 minutes of fun packed football action
Team Photo
Champions League tournament
Champions League Award ceremony
Personalised engraved trophy for birthday child
Medals for all children
PDF Invitation template
Party Bags
Surprise Gift for Birthday Child
mini kicks football birthday party

Party Coordinator

You will be given your own Party Coordinator to help to plan the perfect party for your child, taking all the worry out of making your party a huge success.

Not found your venue? Your Party Coordinator can secure one for you at an additional cost.

Party Coaches

Your child’s party will be run by one of our super Mini Kicks coaches who will make sure your party is great fun & keep all the children entertained!


A Mini Kicks Party is uniquely designed to make sure every game is super exciting and gets everyone involved (we’ve even got one for the parents 🙂

mini kicks football birthday parties

Exciting Extras

Get These Fantastic Bonuses 


Mini Kicks Invitations will be emailed to you to make sure your child has all their friends at their party.


Every child is a winner at a Mini Kicks Party and will each take home a certificate of their achievements.

Party Bags

Depending on your package, we’ll provide you with the Mini Kicks Party Bags for you to fill and we’ll kick things off with a small gift in each one.

Team Photo

Your child will receive a Team Photo from the day in the post.

football birthday parties

Check Availability

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Let Your Children Get The Most Out Of Their football birthday party At MiniKicks


Yes! There is nothing good like making your loved ones enjoy their most memorable day. Having been in the field for many years, we understand how it feels when it comes to celebrating a loved one’s birthday. Mini Kicks offers the very best opportunity for your child to enjoy their special day with friends. How would you feel when you sit back and watch over your kids enjoying the most out of their Football Birthday Party? – Hopefully, great!

Your kid’s birthday is rapidly approaching and you just can’t figure out how to celebrate this year’s party. Well, Mini Kicks has good news for you and your child. As a matter of fact, you want your loved ones to enjoy their day and therefore throwing a great football birthday party for them is just the best option! We have been around for quite a long time and therefore understand what it takes being in the industry. Our clients’ means a lot to us and that is why, when you enroll your kids at Mini Kicks, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Football is a game that brings together many families and giving your children the chance to interact with new friends is a wise idea. As such, Mini Kicks understands the need to ensure that your children have their day in the most favorable ambiance. You don’t need to worry about extra fees since everything is already included in our packages. The only thing you need to do is to select the package that suits your children’s needs well.

We know you love watching football and treating your kids to a 60 to 90 minutes fun-packed football action is our pleasure. The moment you book your child’s football birthday party, you will be offered a party coordinator to see through your planning. This is extremely important especially as you and your child are looking forward to a joyous occasion!

What you need to understand is that Mini Kicks won’t allow you to walk alone during the fun-filled session. One of our coaches will always be around to ensure the day is successful. As it were, the Mini Kick’s football birthday party is designed in such a way that it leaves each and every participant extremely excited. To top it all off, we also offer parents a chance to party during their anniversaries. Contact us today to book your date!