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Baby Kicks

Baby Kicks is the fastest growing programme at Mini kicks!

The session is ran as a parent toddler group, so you as a parent are a key figure in the session. The session is coach led and will follow a theme of the day which is designed to be fun and capture the attention of all the children.

The benefits of Baby Kicks have been great to see, from gross motor skills such as kicking a ball, to learning how to wait your turn and share things with others.

As with all of our programmes the key ingredient is fun, so the high energy, entertaining curriculum fits perfectly with our 2-3 year olds!

Is Baby Kicks for me?

Baby Kicks is a specially designed programme for boys and girls between 2 years and 3 years of age. With convenient 8 week block bookings, why not come and give it a go!

The goal of Baby Kicks

Although Baby Kicks uses footballs, we are not trying to make the next superstar at these sessions! These sessions promote really important skills and behaviours that far outweigh football skills. Our Baby Kicks curriculum designed by teachers and coaches has a strong educational aspect to it, which will stand your children in good stead as they start nursery and continue to develop. Some of the key benefits to baby kicks are below:

  • Improvement of gross motor skills and coordination
  • Socialising with new friends in a new environment
  • As always, the key thing is to have fun, and there will be lots of that!!