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The Mini Kicks programme offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to physical activity through football.

Our programme has been carefully designed for both boys and girls Ages 2-8 years of age. Our innovative curriculum emphasises both the physical and social development of our children.

Our goal is simple: To have a positive impact on every child we serve!


Baby Kicks

Aged 2-3


The Baby Kicks session is ran as a parent toddler group, so you as a parent are a key figure in the session. The session is coach led and will follow a theme of the day which is designed to be fun and capture the attention of the children.


Mini Kicks

Aged 3-6


Mini Kicks uses football, the World’s most popular sport, to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices at a key development age. We help children develop self confidence as well as motor, listening, socialisation skills.



Aged 6-8

The MK + programme has as its focus individual player development. MK + is open to all abilities, with a focus on delivery of our unique curriculum and in house competitions – Most of all, making sure our children are having fun while in a fantastic learning environment.

Kid’s Football Training? – Mini Kicks Is Definitely Your Best Choice!


If you are a parent who really understands the needs of your kids very well, then you must have discovered that they have something inborn that needs nurturing – football talent! It really doesn’t matter what their age is. Being the best Football Academy in South Yorkshire Mini Kicks is revered for its perfectly-structured program for Baby Football Classes. As such, the baby program is conducted as a special group that incorporates toddlers and their parents. As a parent, you play a critical role in this session. Coach-oriented, this session integrates very well with the day’s theme which is specially designed to make the whole lesson fun and attractive to children of all ages.


What you ought to bear in mind is that when it comes to Football Training for Kids, at MiniKicks, we do not only focus on the game itself but your kid’s health and their social skills as well. Thus, we also value you as you as a parent and therefore have set things within your reach to quell the question of “where do I find Football Classes for Toddlers near Me?” MiniKicks gives your kids a great chance to join the Football Club for Kids so that they can grow to be what they dream of – future stars.


What is more important here is that we have the best coaching facilities and trainers to put everything in places. Our trainers are drawn from not only professional footballers but qualified physicians and pediatricians as well. We know how much you love your kids and that explains why our Football Lessons for Toddlers are conducted in the presence of the best team of pedestrians and physicians.


The moment we realize that your kid is ready to join one our very best Football Clubs for Toddlers, then everything is set to allow for the same without giving it a second thought. What we request from you as a parent is your continued operation during the entire period of our Football Lessons for Toddlers. Your presence and cooperation will make them feel reassured and loved; hence, making their learning easier and faster.


As a football facility that boasts of the very best quality Toddler Football Classes, you have nothing to fear as at the end of our lessons, you will definitely find your kid in one of our professional Toddler Football Clubs. This shouldn’t be a surprise since our team of trainers does understand what Toddler Football means and they will stick to the rules and keep your kid company until they are ready to kick the ball on their own. We know kids are quicker when it comes to making new friends and therefore the very first time you and your baby arrive at our facility, we allow for interaction with others already enrolled. Your child will expand their social skills including listening to others.


Are you still in the dreamland how to get a “Football Club for Toddlers near me?” Come to South Yorkshire and you will find MiniKicks the best football training facility for your kids – just what you have been dreaming of! For instance, our Football for 2 Year Olds Near Me is a program specifically designed for that age bracket. How would you love to see your kid evolve into someone more focused, patient and always ready to share with others? This is a program that is full of fun and before you know it, you are beginning to love the great exciting program that is perfect for your 2 year kid.


Our Football for 3 Year Olds Near Me program provides a well-programmed transition to the Football Classes for 5 Year Olds. Well, as a football training facility for kids, we are committed to our football training lessons for kids and you can bet that we will give your son/daughter the best opportunity to learn and play in one of the greatest grounds around. Our program is designed in such a way that it offers our students an unmatched training atmosphere thereby giving them all they want to grow into great players. Choose MiniKicks now and watch while we mold your kids into what they have always wanted to be – world class soccer wizards!